Potential dangers exist in manual inspection
Manual operations are difficult with low safety
Pain Points
The industrial and chemical plant area has high density of equipment and large number of related instruments and meters. The inconsistent arrangement of these items and the high frequency inspections bring great difficulties to manual inspection as well as data recording.
The facility working arenas are usually noisy, high temperature, poor air circulation and defective equipment operations may release harmful gases,and the working environment is extremely harsh.
As the substation inspection distance is long and the work intensity is high, also some equipment failures or potential dangers are not easy to be detected, so uncertain security risks exist. The patrol inspection mainly relies on the workers' own experience and knowledge level. It is difficult to standardize the quality of the patrol inspection, it is easy to make mistakes and miss inspections, which may lead to potential dangers
High frequency of patrol inspection in the park, the long cycle, large inspection area and boring process result in a serious loss of personnel and an increase in operating costs. Manual patrol inspection usually only records at fixed points.It lacks electronic information retention, comparison reference and quality supervision of inspection results, which easily leads to miss inspection.
Effective solutions
are still urgently needed



Draco Patrol Robot
Solution Advantages:
-Interactive Safety: Equipped with pliable robotic arm with dexterity and interactive safety and non-destructive end effector and no-harm to manipulating objects.
-Omnidirectional inspection: Equipped with hybrid(pliable+rigid) arm, the Draco series robots suit for high altitude,medium altitude,low altitude operations with max.height up to 2.5 meters.
-Perfect for various kinds of inspection tasks: Vision, sound and light sensors optional, suitable for instrument-reading, leakage/dripping detection and other scenarios.
-7*24H Operation: Auto-charge with long operating time.Real-time data feedback without need of caring.

Orion Aerial Robot
Solution Advantages:
-Dexterous and Flexible, High Extension Ratio: Equipped with pliable robotic arm, multi-angle grabbing
-Diversified Interfaces: Adapt to all kinds of drones, with diversified end-effectors
-Remote Control: Equipped with HD-vision module, stable operation with remote control
KRV High-Voltage Transmission Line Maintenance Robot
Solution Advantages:
-Ultra-light and large-load flexible arms: core technology tested by different industries.
-The platform is equipped with a variety of interchangeable end tools, which are suitable for various live operations, and at the same time share the same user operation platform and interface.
-Ultra-light weight, easy to hoist and transport, strong adaptability.
KRX Lightweight Dual-Arm Operation Robot
Solution Advantages:
-Bionic Dual-arm Design: Dual-arm collaboration, flexible and practical.
-Abundant Application Scenarios: Advanced optional end-effectors for the disposal, maintenance and overhaul of professional equipment.
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