Nimbo Pliable Robotic Manipulator
Dexterous and flexible, outstanding interactive safety, high payload-to-weight ratio, strong environmental resistance
Based on Pliabot® technology, including KN600, KN800 and KN1000 three series, Nimbo can be applied in intelligent maintenance, public services, and new energy, etc.
Aerial Robot
High extension ratio, dexterous and flexible, stable grabbing and transfer, strong payload capability
Based on Nimbo™ pliable robotic arm, combined with UAVs, integrated drive control module, end-effectors and remote controller, etc., Orion can be widely used in emergency rescue, power operation and maintenance and other area.
Omnipotent Intelligent Inspection Robot
With its modular design, the patrol robot is equipped with different types of adaptive robot arms and sensors to suit different area. Compact design, strong pass-through capability and large working coverage to meet various inspection needs
Draco series robot consists of compact chassis, navigation system, robot arm and intelligent sensor system. It is designed for intelligent inspection area and can independently perform tasks such as inspection and photography, temperature detection, and gas detection according to the preset path and task program.
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