Pliabot® Aerial Manipulator System
Orion | AP30-N1
High-payload, Durable, Safe & Compliant Maniplator Solution for Industrial Applications

Based on the patented Pliabot® technology, Wisson Robotics proudly presents the Orion AP30 Pliabot® aerial manipulator system in collaboration with DJI's first delivery drone FC30. Using innovative bionic muscles and precise pneumatic drive, the Orion AP30-N1 combines high payload, low self-weight, and high extension ratio, enabling hovering operations both near ground and in air. Equipped with the patented one-step swappable tooling system, the Orion AP30-N1 is capable of rich operations for multiple industrial applications. It integrates multi-angle agility and precision, fast-and-easy installation, ultra-low power consumption, and long-term all-weather performance. Verified operation scenarios include: high-payload aerial grasping and object transferring, multi-angle precision spraying, vertical/horizontal indentational inspection, precision sampling & delivery of gas, liquid, and solid substances, etc. The Orion AP30-N1 offers a variety of end-effector tool expansions, empowering a wide range of industrial aerial operations in multiple scenarios such as energy maintenance, emergency response, infrastructure inspection, smart agriculture, and aerial logistics.
providing the industry with a reliable, safe, efficient, and easy-to-use aerial operation solution
Pushing the boundary of aerial operations from "observation" and "carriage" to "manipulation"
DJI FC30 Compatible
(Adaptation supported to other UAV models)
Controller Base
2- & 3-Digit Gripper
(Optional swappable tools)
Product Specifications
System Weight


Controllable Motions
360° bending + telescoping

Manipulator Diameter


Vertical Length   



Max. Payload (Vertical)

Operating Power


Operator ConsoleIntegrated

Highlight Features
Lightweight with High Payload
Expandable Multi-functional Modules
360-Degree Precision Aerial Operation
Built for Extremes
Low Power Consumption with 0-Watt Holding
The AP30, powered by bionic muscles and pneumatic drive, could extend/contract and flex, achieving 360-degree dexterity for precision aerial operations.
With water & dust resistance, down to -40 Degrees Celsius temperature rating, radiation & corrosion enhancements, AP30 provides long-term reliable outdoor operations in harsh environments.
With innovations in lightweight materials and actuation control, the AP30 could achieve nearly 2:1 load-to-weight ratio with up to 15kg vertical lifting payload for various operational needs.
AP30 provides rich functional module options, easy to expand, and supports customization, meeting the complex aerial operation needs of various industries.
The AP30's patented pneumatic drive technology enables class-leading low power consumption, with 60W average operating power and virtually 0W when holding its position.
Snap-on design for swift deployment, one-click initiation for instant use, saving preparation time, and boosting efficiency.
Energy Maintenance
Emergency Response
Infrastructure Inspection
Aerial logistics
Smart Agriculture
Applicable Industries
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